I am so happy to finally have my artwork over U2’s music! This is a dream of mine coming true, because I am now able to share my vision.

I selected Zoo Station as a first choice, since I already had created the artwork back in January 2021. I always knew it was for that song. After reworking more content, I was able to combine them together and add them to the song.

Below are some of the original pieces. All of them are made under the form of pixel art, to give the illusion of the map of a subway station.

For some of you who know me, you know my dream is to work for U2. As for the question of what I would be doing, then here is your answer: I want to see my art displayed on the giant screens of U2’s shows.

More videos will be created with my existing art – the ones featured in my Art Gallery/U2 Songs In Art.

Zoo Station is my first video. I am aware that I still have a lot to learn and go before I see my dream coming true, but this is a learning process and I am self taught. Therefore, I thank you for your likes, for sharing this video, and mostly for your support.


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